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 +North Shore Music Theatre presents
 +Give My Regards to Broadway
 +by David H. Bell (author)
 +North Shore Music Theatre
 +62 Dunham Road
 +Beverly, MA 01915
 +Paul Gerao
 +George M. Cohan
 +P.J. Benjamin 
 +Josie Cohan
 +Carol Dilley
 +Jerry Cohan
 +J.T. Cromwell
 +Nellie Cohan
 +Carole Davis (2)
 +Tony Lillo
 +Maisy Simmons
 +Tina Johnson
 +Harrison McEldowney
 +Sam Harris
 +Larry Cahn
 +Ethel Levy
 +Louisa Flaningam
 +Bradford Garside
 +David Serko
 +Bruce Moore
 +Mr. Alpert
 +Ed Tyler
 +Beth Blatt
 +Lisa Grant
 +Marina Mikelian
 +David H. Bell
 +music director
 +Bradford Garside
 +David H. Bell
 +costume designer
 +lighting designer
 +Bill Anderson (2)
 +scenic designer
 +Michael Anania
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