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The Good

Now this looks good. Layers have merged but still look distinct.  Imprint is clear and uniform.  If you can’t see the imprint than you probably should cut back on the amount of yeast.

The Bad

This prosphora had an air bubble that caused it to rise too much on one side.  Check each layer for tiny bubbles and prick with toothpick to lessen the chances of this.  Also allowing the proper amount of pre-bake rising is important too.  1-1.5 hours should be enough if room is warm.

Bag Them

With proper care prosphora can be kept in the freezer for sometime. I usually make a double batch which is about a months worth of prosphora for our small church community.  Use a heavy ziplock bag with a paper towel inside to absorb moisture, remove as much air as possible.  Put bags into another bag, seal and put in the freezer.

Remove from freezer several hours before needed and spread on cooling rack.  Dab any accumulated frost and moisture with a paper towel.  Place in airy basket and cover with cloth.  Avoid microwaving at all costs!

Orthodox:Making Prosphora