My Story

Never Stop

Of course there's a story...

Something rather strange  happened between my mid-fifties and age sixty.  It was an epiphany of sort, a creative epiphany, one that led to a dramatic change in the way I see myself.  I became a photographer, playwright, and performer.  In short, I became an artist.  Those that have known me a long time might say that I have always been an artist but, I never thought of myself that way. 

I'm not bragging, just laying out the facts.  It was all rather surprising because basically  I'm a pessimist, you know, "the glass is half-empty" kind of guy.   I'm not ashamed to admit that, that is me.  What set the wheels in motion was a bit of identity crisis on my fiftieth birthday (I'm sixty two now).  In a nutshell, I had a sense more time had passed behind me than I had left ahead.  Things I dreamed of doing, hopes I had for myself, if I hadn't done them by fifty they weren't going to happen.  I thought it was over for me.  

So it seems rather odd that the idea of "never stopping" could possibly come out of my mouth, let alone be something I believed.   I'm still not an optimist but the tiny bit of success I've had in my new endeavors has pushed me in a new direction.  Discovering the immense joy that comes from pursuing one's dreams with passionate intensity has shown me that STOPPING IS NOT AN OPTION.  I am no expert but I'm proof that you can do just about anything in life with a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work.  

Did I just say that? .. that hardly sounds like me!


What kind of photographer are you?

When asked questions like: "what do you do as a photographer?"or "what kind of photographer are you?" I always have a hard time answering in just a few words.  I do lots of things,  many subjects interest me.  I love urban landscapes and street photography.  Trees are a favorite subject.  I enjoy still-life and photographing my immediate surroundings wherever I am.    When I have occasion to photograph an event I enjoy the challenge of telling the "story" of the event rather than just snapping random photos.  I regularly work for several opera companies documenting the creation of an opera both behind the scenes and onstage.   House interiors fascinate me too.  I am hard to pigeonhole.

My work has appeared in corporate publications, magazines, album/CD and book covers, museum exhibits, and permanent art collections.
 I have self-published a number of books too.

See a few of my past photo projects.

Playwright - Performer

In February of 2012 I started The David Serko Project.  David Serko is my younger brother who died from the complications of AIDS in 1992.  The Project grew into a play that I wrote and perform called "My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg".

I have never written for the theater or performed before.  Never took a drama class, nothing.  I'm not even much interested in theater.  But, like photography I just did it and found my way (with a little help from a few pros).  To my surprise in writing and performing the show I discovered a connection between photography and the story I tell in the play (sorry you are going to have to see it to find out!).

The play continues to occupy most of my creative energy since it is morphing into a larger AIDS awareness effort. See the The David Serko Project website for details on where that is headed.

The Day Job

My background is in the social sciences and counseling by graduate training. I worked as a family therapist for a number of years eventually deciding it was more important to take family leave in 1982 to care for our infant daughter Lorean... I never went back.  I became a stay-at-home dad caring for our three children into the late 1990s. Talk about a challenging job.. never regretted that decision for an instant.

I re-entered the work-world in the Information Technology field working for a small school district, been there every since.  Like most other things I've done over the years I am self-taught; wishing on many occasion that I was smarter, younger, and knew what I was doing!


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My Brother Kissed Mark Zuckerberg

the play

two men, two lives, one story..