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Peter Serko



Wait, don’t go!

Maybe you got here by mistake or maybe we’re old friends and you’ve been thinking “I wonder what Peter Serko has been up to after all these years?”

In either case, now that you’re here I invite you to take a few minutes to look around, there is a lot to see and read if you’re so inclined. 

Dennis Schneider  9/7/1954 – 1/10/2022

I don’t think I ever saw him sweat. If memory serves, he hardly ever purposely indulged in physical exertion of any kind. Yet, in an...
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Take A Picture Joe!

Our family friend Joe Kaschak had a birthday that was always easy to remember, January 8th, the day after Orthodox Christmas. Most years, even after...
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#9 – The Lady from Texas

The Hattie's War manuscript began with a series of letters written between Hattie and her uncle Bryon.  Day one was April 11, 2020, at 3:10...
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