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Wait, don’t go!

Maybe you got here by mistake or maybe we’re old friends and you’ve been thinking “I wonder what Peter Serko has been up to after all these years?”

In either case, now that you’re here I invite you to take a few minutes to look around, there is a lot to see and read if you’re so inclined. 

Find out more about my novel Hattie’s War.

#11- Hannibal Howell’s Military Service 

The New York 76th Volunteer Regiment Through Gettysburg The 76th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment lost 12 officers and 161 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded...
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#10- Query, query, query…

These days getting published requires a literary agent. Few if any publishers accept submissions directly from writers unless, of course, you are someone with a...
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Dennis Schneider  9/7/1954 – 1/10/2022

I don’t think I ever saw him sweat. If memory serves, he hardly ever purposely indulged in physical exertion of any kind. Yet, in an...
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