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At the KayPro 2 circa 1984

I’m a late bloomer.  It took me a painfully long time to figure out what truly interested me and what I might be good at. Along the way, I came to a big realization… I was an artist… believe it or not, that was news to me!

I’m not much of a planner, I just jump in and figure things out as I go. My attention span is about ten years, after that, I gotta move on to something new. I’ve collaborated with other artists from poets to high school art students. I’ve written two plays. I’m a pretty good photographer, made a documentary film, and I’ve gotten up on stage as a solo performer. All of that happened after I turned 50, so I guess that qualifies me as a late bloomer!

I have a habit of sometimes getting ahead of the curve. For instance, in the early days of the Internet in the 90s, I tried selling chocolate online but couldn’t convince a bank to give me a credit card merchant account…” buy chocolate online, who in their right mind would do that?” was the common refrain from baffled bankers I met with. A guy named Jeff Bezos eventually managed to answer that question quite well.

I’m a free-wheeling cook who finds a way to make something interesting and tasty with whatever happens to be in the garden or fridge. My bagels are infamous and my fruitcake can charm even the most ardent fruitcake hater. I make a great pizza too. My current interest is baking artisanal-style bread using local grains.

Oh, and I stumbled into the tech business in my 40s and worked for twenty years as the Technology Director for a school district even though I had no background in the field. I did what I always do, figure it out as I go.

I’m most proud of The David Serko Project and having been a stay-at-home dad for 13 years. I wish I was a better guitar player. I love being a grandfather. 

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