I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” – Michelangelo


Way back in 2004 when I was 50 I created a blog called 50 and counting…


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, turning 50 was traumatic.  I basically I thought life was over. Any dreams I had for myself were kaput. Crazy thinking I know but, that’s me.  Crazier still, I then turn around and create a blog, nothing earth shattering but something creative that came totally from within me.  Thankfully I had enough strength left at 50 to write a few lines once in awhile!

One of my last blog posts was in January 2008 titled: Reinvention.  You can read it below.

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The topic was inspired by Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame.  I suggested that Plant had recently re-invented himself by partnering with folk singer Allison Krauss on the lovely album, Raising Sand.  I didn’t say it directly in the last line but, hinted I was about to do the same myself… and it was true.  Life over at 50, new life at 54!

So, my first post in the NEVER STOP. blog comes from tinkering with my website in this big re-design.   I’ve lost track of how many re-designs I’ve done over the years.  I have the knowledge and skill to do it so it’s a creative outlet of sorts. In truth, however, it can be a diversion, an excuse to avoid tackling far more important projects.  Instead of working on that kid’s book or any number of other projects I’ve been thinking about, I redo the site, that sort of thing.  But, this time the re-design offered a chance to re-tool, change my thinking about the purpose and goal of the site as I look at retiring from my day job in IT.  Yes, I am retiring at the end of the summer…hurrah!  

People ask: “what are you going to do when you retire?”.  I look at them with a slight smirk, they pause for a second, smile and say.. “oh yeah, you’ll have plenty to do!”.

I sure do…and I’m blogging again baby!


 Excerpts from the “50 and counting…” blog

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